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J-F. Gerard, University of Lyon (F):
Opening and introduction

G. Farinola
, University of Bari (I):
Chemistry of conjugated conductive polymers

V. Di Noto, University of Padova (I):
Ionic conductivity in polymers: Interplay between structure, relaxations and conductivity mechanisms

G. Mensitieri, University of Naples (I):
Mass transport and sorption thermodynamics of low molecular weight compounds in polymers

K. Daoulas, Max Planck Institute for Polymer Research (D):
Modelling tools for transport phenomena in polymers

J. San Roman, Spanish National Research Council (E):
Drug delivery systems and controlled release of bioactive compounds

A. Fina, Polythecnic of Turin (I):
Thermal transport in polymers and composites

V. Abetz, University of Hamburg (D):
Membrane production technologies

B. Vergnes, Paris Institute of Technology (F):
Transport phenonema in polymer processing

S. Pruvost, University of Lyon (F):
Polymers and electrical properties : some applications for energy conversion, storage or transport

S. Cros, CEA Tech INES Chambery (F):
The challenge of the high performance encapsulation of organic photovoltaics and other printed electronic devices

M. Hickner, Penn State University (US):
Additive manufacturing technologies for polymer membranes

M. Ulbricht, University of Essen (D):
Design of multifunctional membranes

A. Facchetti, Northwestern University (US):
Applications of polymers in flexible organic electronics

P. Mustarelli, University of Pavia (I):
Polymers in Proton Exchange Membrane Fuel Cell:
applications and challenges

J.M. Lagaron, Spanish National Research Council (E):
Food packaging

F. Bella, Polythecnic of Turin (I):
Polymers in batteries and emerging photovoltaics:
applications and challenges